3 Surprisingly Easy Tips for Selling Your Home ASAP

Blue "For Sale" sign in front of a row of condos

Selling your home can be a stressful experience, especially when you have a job waiting for you in another state. Your aim is to sell fast and move fast to get a leg up in your new town.

However, selling a home takes more than the desire to sell it. You need strategy, patience, and a great real estate agent. Nonetheless, it’s understandable to want a successful and lucrative real estate sale as quickly as possible. So to help ease the process along, here are some of the most helpful things you can do to sell your home fast.

  1. Price your home correctly
    One of the best ways to get a buyer’s attention in the real estate market is to price your home just right. According to HGTV.com, between 15% to 20% of your home’s worth should be shaved off when you select your listing price. This keeps a small market from stealing your home away from you at a terrible price and keeps your prospects high in a large market. If there are enough buyers, the competition will drive up the price on its own.
  2. Spruce up your home’s exterior
    You may have heard it a million times by now, but curb appeal means everything when it comes to selling a home. This is because your home’s exterior is the very first thing a potential buyer sees.

    However, just because you need to revamp your landscaping doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on marble fountains and stone paths. Use inexpensive shrubs, flowers, and stones instead. It’ll do just the trick.

    In addition to the landscaping, don’t forget about your home’s entryway. Make sure it’s clear of shoes and dirt and make it as welcoming and homey as possible.

  3. Keep the big upgrades for your renovation project
    Unless your home’s kitchen is falling apart, doing a big makeover project can bite you in the wallet. This is especially true if the area wasn’t bad looking before.

    Potential buyers don’t need to see granite counter tops and modern, linoleum floors. All they need to see is a functional kitchen they can imagine themselves in.

    Therefore, replace the smaller things in your home that could use some updating. This includes door handles, faucets, cabinet handles, and paint. You’d be surprised by how new a master bathroom can look with a new mirror and sink handles.

Selling your home may be a stressful process, but if you have the right real estate agent and the right amount of patience you may see the listing results you’re looking for. For quality new homes in Cary NC and professional real estate advice, contact the offices of Cary Realty Group today.