5 Home Staging Tips That Actually Sell

Luxurious Living Room in new home

Making your home stand out among other recently listed homes for sale is all about tapping into a buyer’s sense of comfort. While 44% of buyers are looking online for properties, their next step will be to visit your home in person. That’s where carefully crafted home staging comes in. By following these simple tips, you can set up your staging to turn these visitors into buyers.

  1. Keep your home clutter-free. While your house should still look like someone lives there, be sure to clean up clutter and organize as much as possible. And yes, this includes your kid’s toys and the rooms that you never go in. This attention will present visitors with a clean slate.
  2. Hang art among neutrals. Your realtor will probably advise you to switch any bold paint colors to neutral shades. To retain a bit of style and keep the room interesting, hang original artwork on the walls and include small statement pieces. These details will be quite memorable during home tours.
  3. Remember to add scents. You know when you walk into a fresh smelling room and immediately feel welcomed? Make sure potential buyers are feeling this way. Light some candles or plug in an air freshener to make your home smell lovely and inviting. Scent is highly emotional, so this trick can be very effective.
  4. Open the curtains. Natural light is always better. Not only is it less harsh on the eyes, but it makes any space seem more open and cheerful. If you can’t include much natural light, be sure that your artificial lighting is soft and flattering.
  5. Create space in all rooms. Many people browsing new homes for sale may be looking for a size upgrade, so make your smallest rooms seem bigger. Sneaky ways to do this include adding mirrors, taller tables, and pushing furniture to the wall. Rearrange and experiment until you get the right feel.

Once your listing starts competing with other recently listed homes for sale, take the time to work with your real estate agent until your staging is perfect. By making this effort, you can turn even the strictest “maybe” into a “yes.” Like the way that sounds? Us too.