Sk8 Cary Skate Park

Kids who love to get out and have some fun on a board or a bike will have a blast at one of Cary’s favorite destinations for outdoor fun, the Sk8 Cary Skate Park. Located in a quiet corner of Cary, this unique skate park, that is open to everyone is a great destination to get active and have some fun with fellow boarders of all ages in the central triangle area.

Sk8 Cary Skate Park has expansive facilities that can accommodate all varieties of riders. Fully staffed and offering a pro-shop for equipment and rentals, the outdoor park is ideal for boarders of all abilities. Skateboards, inline and quad skates, and non-folding scooters are all welcome to ride around the park, and all ages and skill levels are permitted on the course with a valid waiver. The park also features a special area for BMX riders, as well as regular lessons and instruction for riders who want to improve their skills.

Currently, the skate park features a lighted concrete slab with 12,000 feet of wooden ramps. Features found within this extensive park include a mini-ramp, rails to grind, a recently added box jump and roller, and ledges for sliding. A spectator area is found within the park for parents who want to watch the action, and there’s also on-site restrooms and other amenities for the convenience of park-goers.

Plans are in the works for the Sk8 Cary Skate Park to expand over the next few years, but regular visitors attest that the facilities are some of the finest in the triangle. Distinctive as the only skate park in Cary, the Sk8 Cary Skate Park is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike from all across the central North Carolina region.

Conveniently located along Maynard Road, and with ample room to roam, the Sk8 Cary Skate Park is a great destination for fun-seeking boarders of all varieties. With ample facilities and opportunities to learn, it’s no wonder that the Sk8 Cary Skate Park is one of the most popular spots in town for adventurous triangle residents.